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Jewelry Repair & Maintenance

We are happy to make repairs and perform maintenance on most jewelry.

Jewelry Repair & Maintenance in Brandon, FL

Does your jewelry need to be sized or adjusted? Does it need to be repaired or have parts replaced? Do you have a custom design or special order? We are a custom jeweler and we can handle it all!

We specialize in all types of jewelry repairs and restoration. We offer our customers professional on-site jeweler services. We have over xxx years of experience in working with all precious metals, specifically gold and silver, and some alternative metals like palladium and platinum. We routinely make repairs and adjustments to all types of jewelry including ring sizing, repairing broken prongs, soldering, pearl restringing, and watch repairs. Our team has a lifetime of experience in designing, restoring and repairing fine jewelry in all metals and gemstones.

Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection in the Brandon Area

We recommend that jewelry be inspected by one of our jewelers every six months for wear and damage. It just makes sense that regular cleanings and inspections help to prevent the loss of stones due to damaged prongs or mountings. McAuley Fine Jewelry provides a complimentary inspection and basic cleaning for all jewelry. We also offer three levels of jewelry cleaning ranging from cleaning and a light polish to fully restoring jewelry back to its original condition.

Jewelry Repair Services We Offer:

  • Free Jewelry Inspection & cleaning  
  • Jewelry Repair – desc of why each is necessary, few closeup jewelry shots at the bench 
  • Chains soldered 
  • Clasps replaced  
  • Watch links removed/added 
  • Ring sizing 
  • Prongs replaced 
  • Tips rebuilt 
  • Heads replaced 
  • Shanks replaced 
  • Pearls restrung 
  • Etc. 
  • Watch batteries & repair – 1-year warranty, etc. policy 
  • Custom Design –  
  • Appraisals 
  • We Buy Gold 


Jewelry Cleaning

We offer three levels of jewelry cleaning ranging from cleaning and a light polish to fully restoring jewelry back to its original condition

Jewelry Repair

If you're looking for a professional jewelry repair shop, you've found the right place. We offer ring resizing as well as other services that will make your treasured pieces wearable again!

Watch Repair

Our skilled staff can fix most watches in our store so they run smoothly and keep accurate time even if it's not working properly now.


We're here to take care and service it like top-notch professionals! We'll check for loose prongs, clean any dirt off with gentle professionalism. We will clean the surfaces - all while making sure everything stays tight so you don’t have problems later down the line when wearing these beautiful pieces around town.

Did You Know We Buy Your Gold?

Maybe you have an old gold ring that’s been sitting in your jewelry box for years. You don’t wear it because of its poor condition, but maybe it’s worth some money! We buy all types and qualities – even if they’re damaged or broken- so your old items can earn you some serious cash if you want to sell it to us!

The McAuley team has repaired custom pieces for several generations of families in our local area.

Do you have a special piece you would like to have repaired for your loved one? Perhaps you would use some stones from generations past.

The holiday season is a great time to have these custom pieces gifted to your loved ones.

Now is the time to get started on that process! Make an appointment today to sit with Ed and create that special piece for the holidays.

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