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The metal choice in fine jewelry usually involves three metals – platinum, gold, and silver.

Precious Metals in Fine Jewelry

The choice of metal for a fine jewelry purchase or custom piece is determined by a number of factors – including price and durability – but is not as involved as is the choice of diamond based on the 4Cs, or value factors. (See section on The Four Cs.) The metal choice in fine jewelry usually involves three metals – platinum, gold, and silver. For jewelry in white metal, the customer has the option of platinum, white gold, or sterling silver; in a gold piece, a customer might choose white gold, yellow gold, rose (or pink) gold, or a combination of two or all three of those.


Platinum is a durable, hard, and dense metal that is very resistant to scratching. It is hypoallergenic and    Read more...


Gold is a beautiful, malleable, and strong yellow metal. In its pure form (24k gold), however, gold is too soft for.   Read more...


Silver is a white metal that is the most highly reflective metal. Silver fine jewelry is usually fashioned int    Read more...

Which Metal Should You Choose?

Platinum, gold, and silver are metals that showcase jewelry and gemstones beautifully. Each metal has pros and cons and the metal that is best for one piece might not be for another. Factors to consider when choosing the right metal for the customer include the type of piece, how often it is worn, durability, density, purity, luster, and whether it tarnishes. Finally, as always, price is an important – and sometimes the deciding – factor. We can help the customer make those important decisions.

The McAuley team has repaired custom pieces for several generations of families in our local area.

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