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201 S Kings Ave

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(813) 689-8124

Personal Service

So many large jewelry stores in our area need to get customers in and out quickly so they can serve the next client. McAuley Fine Jewelry is unique in that it is local to the Brandon area and our staff is local. Our aim is to make sure each customer experience is one that will inspire them. From the quaint feeling you get when you walk into our store to the beautiful jewels that you can see sparkling in their cases. The store provides a feeling that you are welcome and that you will have a personalized experience.

When you first arrive at McAuley Fine Jewelry, you are sure to be welcomed by someone who will attend to your specific request. Every one of our associates has been in the jewelry industry for over 15 years! Because of that, you can be sure that your associate knows about the full range of products, repair work, and custom pieces.

Each associate in the store has their own unique specialty. So, when you walk in, we make sure to find out what your specific needs are, and then we can pair you with someone who can help you best. As the customer, you are introduced to the associate who has the expertise you need for your purchase.

We love our customers and we know that each one is unique in what they may need. We take the time to understand exactly what that might be. Everyone who helps you, loves what they do and is passionate about jewelry and helping customers.

We had a customer walk-in recently who was looking for a birthday gift for her husband. She didn’t have anything in particular in mind, so our first goal was to find out what her husband is like. Our associate asked what his tastes are, what he likes, what he does for a living. What is his style? (Is he a watch guy, does he wear cuff links, would he wear a ring) For instance, if he were an electrician we would stay away from rings and perhaps even recommend you look on amazon for a silicone ring (check out the link for them here) which is only $5!

In this instance, we were able to steer her toward a great watch that he can wear proudly. This was a gift she was so excited to give to him for their anniversary. This type of reaction is why our associates love their job and have been in the industry for so many years. The satisfaction of a job well done and a happy customer.

Our priority has always been to help the customer find what is best for their purchase, we understand that when someone invests in jewelry it is something that will be worn for all to see so it is imperative that we find the exact right fit for that individual.

Because McAuley Fine Jewelry is a unique family store, each associate can take the time they need time with their customer to ensure satisfaction, even if the jewelry isn’t the right gift or purchase. We have been known to continue to work with our customers to discover what might be a better purchase.

We would love to help you find something perfect for your loved one. Come on in and chat with one of our fabulous associates and perhaps get a jump on the holiday gift buying!

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