Brandon, FL

201 S Kings Ave

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(813) 689-8124

The Story of the Pearl

Over the past 2 years, you may have noticed significant changes in the landscape at 664 Oakfield Drive. In addition to the unique jewelry and attentive service that you have always known, you now notice the updated shop. Local artists’ paintings and photos adorn the walls, there are new floors and lighting.

Ed McAuley opened his jewelry shop almost 3 years ago in the same location where he worked for Martin’s Jewelers. Ed worked for over a decade designing jewelry and learning the jewelry business from the Martin family. After the Martins retired, Ed established his own jewelry store, with the Martin’s help, after they had retired.

Ed was able to keep the established staff from Martin’s who already know the customers and the jewelry business. Joe Martin, who has a deep love for his community and the store still comes in to work with McAuley Fine Jewelry.

Ed was very deliberate in keeping the same level of honesty and integrity, making the customer experience the same high level it was when it was Martins.

Slowly, he is moving toward updated sales systems to make smoother transactions and communication with his customers. Ed loves the Brandon community and is so happy to be able to come alongside them during their times of celebration.

Ed is a family man sharing his home with 3 of his favorite ladies; His wife of 23 years and 2 teenage daughters. He loves to hunt, fish, and golf, although he doesn’t really get to these days.

He and his wife made the decision to open McAuley Fine Jewelry because of what the jewelry industry represents.  Being a part of the happiest moments in his patron’s lives is one of his greatest joys.

He recalls a gentleman who had his hand-iced and swollen because his ring was too tight (he hadn’t taken off his wedding ring in 48 years!)  Ed cut it off so it didn’t damage his hand.  Once the swelling was gone, the ring was repaired and resized so he can continue to wear his wedding band.

Those are the types of stories that are typical for McAuley Fine Jewelry. They care about their customer’s experience and want them to feel like family.

If you haven’t been in lately, stop by to say hi!

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