Brandon, FL

201 S Kings Ave

Shop Number:

(813) 689-8124

Your Experience

What you experience when you walk into McAuley fine Jewelry is going to be different than what you find in larger jewelry stores. One of the main reasons for that is our incredible staff. Being a small mom n’ pop local jewelry store allows the employees to be friends with their customers. They create a bond with the customer and spend time getting to know them, and they will tell you their favorite thing about working for the McAuley Fine Jewelry store. Our associates are not paid on commission or given a quota, so everyone from the woman who wants to get her rings cleaned to the man creating a custom diamond ring for his fiance gets the same level of service and care.

Our associates are not required to chase down customers for a sale. The goal of each associate with their customer interaction is to do exactly what the customer wants to do as affordably as possible. They take pride in their interaction and execution of fulfilling the customer needs!

After spending an hour with a new customer, Ed received feedback “you don’t get that kind of attention in large shops.” That is exactly the goal of each interaction. And he leads by example, so the associates understand how important each customer is to the store. He has been known to walk customers to their car when they need it.

Most of the associates at the local mom n’ pop jewelry store have been there for over 10 years because they are treated as well as the customers and are empowered to help the client to the best of their ability.  The goal is to treat each customer like they are family.

Ed encourages a monthly meeting so everyone in the store can get on the same page and discuss any issues that might be encountered between sales and operations. This keeps the customer service at peak levels and includes them in the success of the store. 

The sales team knows the customers and understands their needs. The operations team is responsible for the jewelry and ensuring that quality is always of utmost importance to them.

We hope you feel confident when you walk into McAuley Fine Jewelry, that your associate is happy to focus on creating a wonderful experience for you.

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