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Repairing Damaged Jewelry at McAuley Fine Jewelry

Gemstones and special jewelry pieces have been a part of human history since the world began. From a time when jewelry was a simple shark teeth necklace, jewelry has been a part of human history. At one point in history, it was worn as an amulet for protection from evil sources. In more recent history it was worn to show the social status of wealthy families. Today, western cultures see it as a sign of commitment and belonging.

Jewelry usually holds a special place in the heart of its owner and symbolizes something or someone special to the owner. Special jewelry pieces can get old or damaged or need replacement pieces. We love to be able to do that for our clients.

One client comes to mind when I think about the repair work that we do for our client’s special jewelry pieces. The first time Shannon came in, she told me about the large-faced watch that she wears every day. After her dad passed, she was gifted his favorite (and only) watch. She lost her dad when he was only 64 and he meant the world to her. Having his watch on her wrist reminds her daily to live up to the example he set for her.

He wasn’t into lots of jewelry, he didn’t think it was necessary or useful but he did buy a nice watch and wore it daily. When she took ownership of the watch it became part of who she is and she loves to tell people about the watch if they ask.

Her particular watch requires a special battery. When she first brought it in, he has recently passed and it was imperative that it work properly. We were able to replace the battery, reset the watch, clean it up a little, size it to fit her, and get it on her wrist.  Something that can seem so trivial meant so much to her. We loved helping her bring this piece to life for her so she can remember her dad, daily.

At McAuley Fine Jewelry, we want to repair your significant pieces as well so that you are reminded of loved ones or a special day or event. That’s what makes jewelry so special is the events or people who are important. We want to bring your special jewelry pieces back to life with jewelry repair.

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